Sneha Bhavan, Piravom

A unit of

Charitable Society for the Welfare of the Differently Abled

Silver Jubilee Year 2014

Reg. No: ER 1396/90

Sneha Bhavan Special School

Sneha Bhavan Special School for the differently abled started functioning on 25th September 1989 at Piravom in the state of Kerala in India. Snehabhavan gives emphasis for training the mentally challenged children with the ultimate aim of making them self motivated to live like any other ordinary citizen in the society. The school works as a day care and training centre for the ‘differently abled’ mentally challenged children in Piravom and the nearby grama panchayats. Read More

Sneha Bhavan Rehabilitation Center

Sneha bhavan has a Rehabilitation Center situated on a 2 Acre land donated by a parent Smt Aleyamma Adakkamukkil, at Mulakulam North just 3 Kms away from the School. The centre is run by Snehagiri Sisters of Pala Diocese. It accommodates children from Snehabhavan when their parents become old and are no longer able to look after them At present five girls are taken as inmates. Facility to accommodate boys is being arranged.

ISO 9000 Implementation

SNEHABHAVAN SPECIAL SCHOOL has adopted ISO 9001:2008 international standard to establish, document, implement and maintain a quality management system to demonstrate its ability to provide service which meets customer and any applicable regulatory requirements. Its aim is to enhance customer satisfaction by continually improving the system.
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