On admission, the background of the student is well studied and analyzed by a team consisting of the Principal, teachers and the parents. The skills that can be developed in the child are identified and a lesson plan is prepared, implemented and reviewed every quarter.  Parents are involved at each stage so that the training process identified can be followed up with supporting activities at home.
Training is given through the following activities.


1. Class Room Training.

2. Play Therapy

3. Speech Therapy

4. Physiotherapy

5. Music Therapy

6. Development of Artistic Skills
7. Yoga and Exercises
8 Sports and Games
8 Special skill development
9. Local visits and Picnics
Every week children are taken to a local public place of importance to make them familiar with the activities going on there. Picnic is conducted once a year.
Opportunities are created for the mentally challenged children to mingle with and exchange ideas with children from other regular schools. Christmas, Onam (a popular celebration of Kerala) and other celebrations are celebrated with other regular school students with a number of various entertainments.