About Us

Sneha Bhavan Special School for the differently abled started functioning on 25th September 1989 at Piravom in the state of Kerala in India. Snehabhavan gives emphasis for training the mentally challenged children with the ultimate aim of making them self motivated to live like any other ordinary citizen in the society.

The school works as a day care and training centre for the ‘differently abled’ mentally challenged children in Piravom and the nearby grama panchayats. It runs mainly on donations from the public and partially by the grant from Department of Social Justice and Empowerment of Central Government of India.
The school is has got all necessary facilities for a special school including a well equipped Vocational Training Unit.
Service to the Differently Abled.
To be one of the best special schools in the country by 2015.
Quality Policy
“Snehabhavan is committed to train the differently abled on their identified special skills and bring them up to the mainstream of the society through a continuously improving quality management system”
1)    To identify the special skills of mentally challenged children and train them on these skills with the ultimate aim of making them capable of independently leading a normal life.
2) To provide the mentally challenged children a day care centre for physical care and comforts.
3) To train them in some sort of job oriented skills so that those who improve physically can get engaged in a vocation to make a living of their own.
4)    To educate parents of mentally challenged children in particular and the society at large, regarding the possibility and necessity for training mentally challenged children and to make them accept the children as one among them having the right to live like a human being.
i) Registered as a Charitable Society – Reg. No. ER 1396/90
ii)  Registered under PWD Act – 550/2010
iii) National Trust      – 041014231638005
iv) ISO Certificate No. 21804/2010/S
v) Certificate of Income Tax Exemption -80 G – No.17A/Tech Inst 27/95-96                                        dt.14.3.2008
vi) Foreign Contribution Reg. No. – 052850409
The school is a member of All Kerala Special School Association.