Get involved

If you do donate a portion of your income for charity purpose year, why not  help Snehabhavan in the following way.

1. Sponsor a poor child for an year by donating Rs. 10,000/-

2. Sponsor a child’s transportation expense of Rs 5,000/- a year.

3. Donate any amount of your choice.

4. Support the ‘Meal with the Children of God’ Scheme.

5. Come to Snehabhavan and do any service you can do.

‘Meal with the Children of God’ Scheme

Do you want to  have a small function to be conducted in your family like:
Birthday, Anniversary of Grandparent’s death, Day of gratitude, Wedding anniversary etc.
If you conduct such function at home you may have to invite many who may reluctantly take part. Why not conduct such functions by donating a noon meal to the children of Snehabhavan and celebrating with them. Your family members up to 20 persons can attend the function and eat the lunch with the children of God. They will pray for you and the prayers will reach the Almighty for sure.

Cost is Rs. 8500/- for giving meal to the 106 children.

Donate on occasions of celebration

You spend sometimes lakhs for a marriage party, or house warming party. Make it a habit to donate an amount to Snehabhavan on such occasions even if you have to cut a small item from the list. You are serving God and your service will be amply rewarded.